Revolving Lights

Very popular and highly effective, electric motorized dance platforms are being used more and more. For your festive events and professional activities, the Revolving Lights site offers you Spotlight dynamic dance platforms.

The unique characteristics of these Revolving Lights motorized dance floors

The Revolving Lights electric dance platform has exceptional features. The motorized rotating platform also has articulated arm mounts to which dancers can attach their cameras or smartphones to film their performances.

Available in 2 different heights, the electric dance platform that we offer is a must-have spotlight made in France. Our motorized rotating spotlight also has disengageable rotating mechanisms offering optimal safety to those in the vicinity of the dance floor. Our platforms are also equipped with guard-rails to prevent falls.

The Spotlight, a dynamic device

Dynamic dance floors are used especially in clubs and in the world of dance clubs. Today, dance platforms are found at special events such as weddings, birthdays and any events where dancing is king.

Our motorized dance floors are designed for dancers to film their performances under spotlights that revolve around the dance floor. Sometimes used to make videos for social networks, electric rotating dance platforms are also perfectly suited for shooting music videos. Dynamic dance platforms bring a nightclub atmosphere to your events.

Put yourself in the Spotlight !


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