Spotlight 1.5

1.50 m Dynamic Dance Floor

Made in France – 2-year warranty
Pricing on request

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Are you looking for a high-quality platform for your festive events? Discover the Spotlight 1.5 motorized dancing floor from Revolving Lights.

Organize your dance events with the Spotlight 1.5 dynamic platform

Dynamic dance floors are often found in nightclubs and dance clubs. For some time now, they have become more and more popular at festive events (weddings, music festivals…) or professional activities. Revolving Lights offers different configurations of rotating dance floors that allow guests at these events to have a great time and enjoy unforgettable moments. Among these is the Spotlight 1.5 rotating dance platform, a product that helps you curate incredible performances. It is great for practicing different dance styles (ballet, modern dance…) under the spotlights that revolve around the dance floor.

Features of the Spotlight 1.5 motorized dancing floor

The Spotlight 1.5 motorized rotating dance platform has a number of very interesting features. It is equipped with articulated and adjustable arm mounts which rotate around the fixed dance floor, and on which the lights are fixed. Smartphones and cameras can also be attached to the Spotlight 1.5 platform’s arm mounts to film the scene in 360° rotation. You can then share the video across various social networks. The electric dance floor from Revolving Lights is also used for music video shoots.

This rotating dance platform is 1.5 m in diameter, which allows it to accommodate two people at a time. Its speed is adjustable, it can rotate in two directions and has a 230 V power supply. Thanks to its two different heights, the motorized dynamic dance platform highlights dancers during their performances. The rotating mechanisms of the electric rotating dance platform are disengageable to ensure the safety of people in the vicinity of the dance floor. We also recommend that you use the guard-rails that come with the rotating dance platform. This will help avoid falls. Get your own rotating dance platform from Revolving Lights.

Technical specifications

  • Diameter: 1,500 mm
  • Height: 760 mm or 430 mm
  • Matte black color (or others on request)
  • Adjustable speed
  • 2 directions of rotation
  • Power supply 230 V
  • Disengageable arm mounts