Spotlight 1.0

1 m Dynamic Dance Floor

Made in France – 2-year warranty
Pricing on request

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Dynamic dance floors are all the rage. For your professional activities and your festive events, the Revolving Lights site offers you the Spotlight 1.0 revolving dance floor to create a nightclub atmosphere.

Spotlight 1.0, a dynamic dance floor

Very trendy in the world of nightclubs and dance clubs, electric dance platforms can also be used for different events. You will find electric rotating dance floors at festive events such as birthdays, weddings or any other events where dancing is king.

Dynamic dance platforms are specially designed to achieve exceptional performances under spotlights that revolve around the dance floor. The Spotlight 1.0 electric rotating dance platform can also be used to shoot videos for social networks or for music videos. The Spotlight 1.0 electric motorized round dance floor features guard-rails that help dancers avoid falls.

The Spotlight 1.0’s outstanding features

Featuring adjustable articulating arm mounts, the Spotlight 1.0 dynamic dance platform helps dancers attach different devices to film their performances. With their cameras or smartphones, dancers can, thanks to this must-have spotlight, keep the unforgettable memories of these performances. With its one-meter diameter, the Spotlight 1.0 electric rotating dance floor is designed for one person.

The electric platform is also available in a larger diameter to help dancers adapt to the venue. Made in France, the Spotlight 1.0 electric dance platform also has disengageable mechanisms that guarantee the safety of the people standing around the dance floor. Discover our different products that put you in the spotlight on Revolving Lights.

Technical specifications

  • Diameter: 1,000 mm
  • Height: 760 mm or 430 mm
  • Matte black color (or others on request)
  • Adjustable speed
  • 2 directions of rotation
  • Power supply 230 V
  • Disengageable arm mounts